01 September 2010


"how to storm a castle" [120 minutes]: click here to listen

status updates of an almost successful mission...

phase#01: preparing for the journey
phase#02: getting underway
phase#03: crossing the mote (takes a while)
phase#04: turn it up
phase#05: ...another notch
phase#06: woah, it's dark in here
phase#07: sneak into the festival
phase#08: kill guards as band plays on
phase#09: tower assault
phase#10: rescue the queen [EPIC FAIL]
phase#11: suddenly spotted, chase ensues
phase#12: outran the law (cuz we're badass)
phase#13: free, but lonely
phase#14: we have to go back!
phase#15: perfect night for an ambush
phase#16: marriage proposal
phase#17: the getaway
phase#18: quick-kill sword duel
phase#19: grandiose final matrix-style battle
phase#20: rigging explosives, short speech, then (DETONATE)
phase#21: back home in easy chair

"revenge of the ensign wasp" [26 minutes]: click here to listen

descriptions that allmusic.com applied to both artist and album...

exhibit A: electronic ambient experimental ambient
(Spacey Relaxed Meandering Hypnotic Unsettling Bright Dreamy Gentle Cerebral Druggy Eerie Soft Sparse;
Background Music, Stay in Bed, Late Night Solitude)

exhibit B: electronic [no other information provided]

exhibit C: rap hardcore rap dirty south
(Uplifting Freewheeling Gutsy Hedonistic Elaborate Irreverent Street-Smart Boisterous Rousing Brash Provocative Confident Party/ Celebratory Indulgent;
Cool & Cocky, Day Driving, Motivation)

exhibit D: electronic indie electronic left-field hip-hop
(Atmospheric Cerebral Nocturnal Warm Dreamy Hypnotic Quirky Circular Reflective Trippy Enigmatic Searching Fractured;
Late Night, Stay in Bed)

exhibit E: electronic ambient dub jazz instrumental trumpet jazz modern creative free improvisation mixed media avant-garde
(Electronica Modern Creative)

exhibit F: rap underground rap left-field hip-hop alternative rap
(Spacey Brittle Exciting Knotty Crunchy Atmospheric Elaborate Messy Gritty Paranoid Trippy Quirky Druggy;
Background Music, The Creative Side, Hanging Out)

exhibit G: jazz cool post-bop modern creative jazz instrument saxophone jazz trumpet jazz
(Sophisticated Refined/Mannered Romantic Intimate Cerebral Stylish)

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