01 September 2011


4 mixes to economize and intensify your music-listening experiences...

"When The Drink Goes In, The Devil Comes Out": the Best of St. Vincent - & in YouTube form.

"Racism Is Made of Wildflowers": favorites off Das Racist's 'Relax'.

"Honey, I Won't Spoil The Ending": favorites off Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!'s 'Hysterical'.

"C25 Since 1986": favorites off the San Antonio Current's 25th Anniversary Compilation - & track-list:

Nicolette Good covering Cowboy Junkies - "Take Me" {Whites Off Earth Now (1986)}
Mission Complete! covering the Bangles - "Walk Like An Egyptian" {Different Light (1986)}
The Offbeats covering REM - "Begin The Begin" {Lifes Rich Pageant (1986)}
Solaroid covering INXS - "What You Need" {Listen Like Thieves (1985)}
FILMSTRIPS covering David Bowie - "Magic Dance" {Labyrinth: Original Soundtrack (1986)}
Southbound Cinema covering George Strait - "Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her" {#7 (1986)}
Carly Garza covering The Pretenders - "Don't Get Me Wrong" {Get Close (1986)}.

...keep your ears to the seashells, manatees.

01 August 2011


Jan Garbarek with Terje Rypdal - "Rabalder" uploaded by Dark Manatees.

we first heard this listening to 'The Free Jazz Hour' on 91.7FM KRTU out of San Antonio, the playback for which is available here at 9PM under the Monday column.

Morris Orchids

01 July 2011


the playlist of our FAVORITE SONGS OF 2011 (with no repeats from any one album) is appended below. those with Spotify accounts should be able to subscribe to the playlist by clicking here, and we'll be updating throughout the year.

arctic monkeys - love is a laserquest {suck it and see}

toro y moi - new beat {underneath the pine}
deerhoof - secret moblization {deerhoof vs. evil}
*destroyer - kaputt {kaputt}
beastie boys - make some noise {hot sauce committee part two}

*fleet foxes - sim sala bim {helplessness blues}
james blake - give me my mouth {james blake}
tapes 'n tapes - outro {outside}
tune-yards - bizness {w h o k i l l}

keren ann - my name is trouble {101}
lupe fiasco - till i get there {lasers}
cults - never saw the point {cults}
amon tobin - the journeyman {i.s.a.m.}

man man - life fantastic {life fantastic}
royal bangs - faint obelisk two {flux outside}
mogwai - rano pano {hardcore will never die, but you will}
tennis - marathon {cape dory}

bibio - anything new {mind bokeh}
dj shadow - i've been trying {i gotta rokk}
malajube - mon oeil {la caverne}
*radiohead - codex {king of limbs}
*my morning jacket - circuital (circuital}

here we go magic - hands in the sky {january}
cut copy - where i'm going {zonoscope}
battles - dominican fade {gloss drop}
asobi seksu - perfectly crystal {fluorescence}

metronomy - trouble {the english riviera}
crystal stilts - shake the shackles {in love with oblivion}
fujiya and miyagi - ok {ventriloquizzing}
*the weeknd - loft music {house of balloons}

papercuts - marie says you've changed {fading parade}
death cab for cutie - portable television {codes & keys}
the antlers - parentheses {burst apart}
okkervil river - hanging from a hit {i am very far}

the dodos - companions {no color}
akron/family - silly bears {the cosmic birth & journey of shinju t.n.t.}
white denim - at the farm {d.}
vetiver - worse for wear {the errant charm}
times new viking - no room to live {dancer equired!}
bon iver - wash. {bon iver}

* signifies being in the running for top five albums of the year.

support local radio

01 May 2011


all music is local, we know, but here's a two-part mixtape featuring our favorite musicians from our neck of south texas. you'll hear musics as diverse as we are: indie rock, hiphop, electronica, punk, experimental, and more. (sorry, no tejano or metal included.) please link this to anybody who says 'the music in san antonio sucks'. also remember that one person who goes to shows around here is as crucial to the scene as one hundred people who go to shows in new york, chicago, or los angeles. y'all make a difference just by getting out of the house, paying the covers, buying some adult beverages, a c.d., a t-shirt; and if we all chip in, it's our expert opinion that we could seriously be as big as baltimore in no time. =P

SIDE A: Beautiful Clumsy Sky In Love

1. dj rasta mike - sit back and listen {sit back and listen (2010)}
2. morris orchids - ink {morris orchids (2009)}
3. aether - makeshift sanctuary {artifacts (2008)}
4. megafauna - m.s.g. {local melons (2009)}
5. cartographers - grandfather clock {cartographers (2009)}
6. marcus rubio and the gospel choir of pillows - (do) the military syndrome! {oceanic tremors (2009)}
7. aether - dajame dormir {artifacts (2008)}
8. the vultures - masterpiece {desert eagles vol.1 (2010)}
9. christopher conde - radio rape {the seven squirrels e.p. (2010)}
10. greg g. with d-cypher - let the sonshine {the golden child mixtape (2010)}
11. ernest gonzales - we can live in the forest {been meaning to tell you (2010)}
12. girl in a coma - clumsy sky {both before i'm gone (2007)}
13. big soy - beautiful {star by your name e.p. (2008)}
14. buttercup - in love {living again e.p. (2007)}
15. ill prospekt - bite yo teeth out {soundcloud.com/illprospekt (2010)}

SIDE B: Why Saturn's Rings?

16. given a chance - broken dream {way too long (2011)}
17. his astroturban - the words we choose {auralfunk (2008)}
18. mojoe - true jewels {classic.ghetto.soul (2006)}
19. the tontons - kaleidoscope {the tontons (2009)}
20. merykid with jimmy dasher - going, going {the raccoon (2010)}
21. we leave at midnight - law of club and fang {record an e.p. (2010)}
22. one hundred flowers - make marx {mechanical bride (2010)}
23. deer vibes - the feeling {ventura e.p. (2010)}
24. marcus rubio - emergence of the first zombie {the life of pillows (2007)}
25. kelly merka nelson - the lion turned wolf {kellymerkanelson.bandcamp.com (2010)}
26. morgan sorne - coyote {house of stone (2010)}
27. honey son - spotted {soundcloud.com/sweethoneyson (2011)}
28. education - daydream {age cage (2011)}
29. the vultures - supreme thought {7 rings of saturn (2008)}
30. daedelus remixing ernest gonzales - while on saturn's rings {while on saturn's rings (2007)}

our apologies to all the good acts we didn't get a chance to play - specifically, yes, inferno, bad breaks, the hawks (of the holy rosary), friends like us, henry + the invisibles, nicolette good, and blowing trees. in closing, here's a taste of the latter's brand spanking new album by way of a series of vignettes recorded when they performed their record in its entirety at jack's on the 6th day of may.

'Wolf Waltz And The Big Nothing Now' filmed by Miranda Studios SA.

01 April 2011


(the above image is not moving.)

kanye recently got burned by the unwanted release of one of his unfinished demos, and it's time for the dark manatees' cosmic army to have a go. what follows is an hour of impossible-to-find material from now-famous musicians which we've unearthed after years and years of digging.

** click here to listen or download: http://tiny.cc/g8ij3 **

some are early recordings which only vaguely resemble their later sound, some are well-produced songs that failed to make the cut or that never received the finishing touches, and there's a remix, but hardly anybody knows about any of this. in fact, we're morally certain you won't find these tracks *anywhere*, no matter how thoroughly you scour the innernette. just try it!

here's the playlist, beginning with a brand spanking new number by coldplay, likely slated to be released as a b-side at some future date:

coldplay - twit to waltz
t.v. on the radio - on board
spoon - the salesman [unmastered vocals]
nirvana - sad girl [lemonheads cover]
blonde redhead - all dried up [japanese import]
department of eagles - around the lion legs [home recording]
joanna newsom with andrew bird - lay your hand
gorillaz - a love from outer space [unreleased d-side]
oasis - naomi [early demo]
the national - between stars [hot chip remix]
bjork - windmills of your mind (michel legrand)
mos def - time [early, early demo]
air - double helix [sent to us personally]
john coltrane - chim chim cheree (sherman brothers)
destroyer/sunset rubdown - no more sunsets

the d.m.c.a. also went live on the radio last week, and you can stream it by clicking on 'the graveyard shift' under friday here: http://web.krtu.org/x4165.xml.


01 March 2011


the dark manatees will again make landfall at austin, texas, and here's our official unofficial s.x.s.w. itinerary. click on band names for event details, click on photos for playlists, and see below for your monthly mix of music.

tuesday, if we get up there sufficiently early, mount kimbie will perform pitchfork's showcase at emo's inside 'round midnight.

if we miss mount kimbie tuesday, he'll be opening on wednesday as well, a little after noon, followed by twin shadow (1:15PM) and royal bangs (4:15PM), for the austinist party at mohawk outdoors. from there, it's only a ten minute walk to the french legation museum, where vetiver will perform at 5PM. they've advertised free beer and tacos, but we suspect that's for the early birds. the dodos also play the red eyed fly just down red river around 5PM, as a plan b with free booze.

on st. patty's day, we have a decision. whether to see the dodos (12:45PM), sondre lerche (2:25PM), the dears (4:05PM), and atlas sound (5PM) at the flamingo cantina OR the joy formidable (4:15PM) and the antlers (5PM) at the parish. although the first one is stacked, n.p.r.'s festivities have always been good to us, the parish is our favorite music venue (period), AND the antlers will be performing their new album in its entirety(!). in the evening, there's no decision required: twin shadow performs auditorium shores at 7PM, followed by the strokes. the absolute utopian dream would then be to hear wu-tang clan close down austin music hall, but if .01% of that strokes crowd gets the same idea, we'll be at the back of a very long queue.

friday is likely to be a bit more laid back and open. we'd like to see phantogram play cedar street courtyard at 4PM, and if we get there early (11AM-ish), filter magazine promises free barbecue. hanging out with michael thomas of music for listeners sounds like an excellent way to spend the day after that, as well as scarf down a slice or five at red house pizzeria. then das racist will do the glitter taco smoosh party at peckerheads around 7PM, and e.p.m.d. will spit at venue 222 around 12:30AM.

on saturday, asobi seksu (2PM), tapes 'n tapes (4PM) and okkervil river (5PM) play the lustre pearl. plus, if we can make it, the black angels play jo's down south congress at 8PM. next, !!! will play the mess with texas party (not positive on the exact time yet). and, lastly, to finish off the week, megafauna at the hole in the wall 'round midnight.

all shows above are listed as free (though some with r.s.v.p. only). in some cases, you will have to get there hours beforehand to catch the act you want to see, and it's always best to be on the safe side. if you need help putting your own itinerary together, here are two resources - the more selective: http://www.thewildhoneypie.com/sxsw-free-party-rsvp-list - or comprehensive: http://showlistaustin.com.

cheers to things going swimmingly for manatees everywhere. and, as per usual: http://tiny.cc/m0udb (to download for later listening, just click the 'divshare'-icon on the far right of the taskbar; all tracks from this year or last, with two noticeable exceptions - plus a hidden song for Sir William Beardmore).

01 February 2011


2011 has already proven to be a good year for music at daytrotter. here are our favorite sessions over the past few months or so...

matmos and dan deacon
iron & wine
bela fleck
social distortion

...though others include paleo, tapes 'n tapes, twin shadow, m.g.m.t., and dj spooky. upon registering, you can download any song/set you want for free.


now, of course, your mixes for this month.

** musical wallpaper **

multi-colored blue - ken peplowski
broad channel - bing and ruth
attaboy go spin a yarn - ed harcourt
the narrow path - blu & exile
antico adagio - lino capra vaccina
equivalences - stereolab
philadelphia - standard fare
escape - pete rock & c.l. smooth
the modern age - the strokes
across the lake of the ancient world - terry riley
laissez les bon temps rouler - quasi

** radio songs (side a) / (side b) **

saratoga springs
los angeles
san francisco
long beach

to conclude, a mashup of a couple tracks featured above...
(...can you guess which two without looking?)

01 January 2011

CABLE VIEWER Wikileaks Official Source Location


DE CLARK #0238/01 04118
Q 118Z JAN 23
FM AMEMBASSY Pacific & Atlantic

C O N F I D E N T I A L Mississippi Canyon Block 000238




EZ 19958 DECL: 01/23/3011

REF: A. MAD 67 B. MADDER 235


(click the seahorse)


#1. beach house - teen dream
2. pantha du prince - black noise
3. spoon - transference
4. janelle monáe - the archandroid
5. das racist - shut up, dude
6. phantogram - eyelid movies
7. deerhunter - halcyon digest
8. four tet - there is love in you
9. mount kimbie - crooks & lovers
10. vampire weekend - contra
11. lee konitz, chris cheek, stephane furic leibovici - jugendstil II
12. the octopus project - hexadecagon
13. reflection eternal - revolutions per minute
14. arcade fire - the suburbs
15. scarface - dopeman music
16. caribou - swim
17. wild nothing - gemini
18. laura veirs - july flame
19. coma cinema - stoned alone
20. avi buffalo - avi buffalo
21. autechre - oversteps
22. wavves - king of the beach
23. the bad plus - never stop
24. the morning benders - big echo
25. matthew dear - black city


#1. sufjan stevens - 'now that i'm older'
2. the ruby suns - 'closet astrologer'
3. scarface with b. james and monk kaza - 'the ghetto report'
4. of montreal - 'girl named hello'
5. beach house - 'silver soul'
6. the walkmen - 'torch song'
7. deerhunter - 'he would have laughed'
8. konitz, cheek, leibovici - 'odysseus returns home'
9. janelle monáe - 'neon valley street'
10. vampire weekend - 'i think ur a contra'

11. joanna newsom - 'autumn'
12. gorillaz - 'on melancholy hill'
13. brad mehldau - 'don't be sad'
14. reflection eternal, jay electronica, j. cole, mos def - 'just begun'
15. standard fare - 'philadelphia'
16. kanye west with rick ross - 'devil in a new dress'
17. flying lotus - 'do the astral plane'
18. wavves - 'idiot'
19. the black keys - 'these days'
20. apples in stereo - 'strange solar system'

21. the roots with phonte and dice raw - 'now or never'
22. rufus wainwright - 'true loves'
23. james blake - 'c.m.y.k.'
24. ariel pink's haunted graffiti - 'round and round'
25. phantogram - 'as far as i can see'
26. nas and damian marley - 'as we enter'
27. daedelus - 'fin de siècle'
28. big boi with gucci mane - 'shine blockas'
29. dimlite - 'sun-sized twinkles'
30. wolf parade - 'little golden age'

31. das racist with lakutis - 'rapping 2 u'
32. !!! - 'blue'
33. arcade fire - 'wasted hours'
34. avi buffalo - 'summer cum'
35. mount kimbie - 'before i move off'
36. twin shadow - 'i can't wait'
37. the besnard lakes - 'and this is what we call progress'
38. trentemøller – 'shades of marble'
39. cathy davey - 'bad weather'
40. scissor sisters - 'any which way'

41. caribou - 'leave house'
42. bob dylan - 'guess i'm doing fine' (the witmark demos)
43. stars - 'changes'
44. röyksopp - 'senior living'
45. spoon - 'out go the lights'
46. wild nothing - 'chinatown'
47. kanye, common, pusha t., kid cudi, big sean - 'g.o.o.d. friday'
49. film school - 'meet around 10'
49. titus andronicus - 'richard II'
50. the dirty projectors - 'i dreamed i saw st. augustine' (bob dylan)

51. eric alexander - 'chim chim cheree' (the sherman brothers)
52. coma cinema - 'only'
53. das racist - 'rainbow in the dark'
54. four tet - 'sing'
55. the bad plus - 'people like you'
56. the black angels - 'the sniper'
57. pantha du prince - 'a nomad's retreat'
58. dead weather - 'i can't hear you'
59. the octopus project - 'circling'
60. b.o.b. with ricco barrino - '5th dimension'

61. l.c.d. soundsystem - 'i can change'
62. regina carter - 'n'teri' (habib koité)
63. gayngs - 'the gaudy side of town'
64. here we go magic - 'f.f.a.p.'
65. sharon jones and the dap-kings - 'window shopping'
66. the national - 'sorrow'
67. dr. dog - 'someday'
68. django django - 'w.o.r.'
69. broken social scene - 'all to all'
70. oval - 'oh!'

71. mavis with kurt wagner - 'gangs of rome'
72. danger mouse, sparklehorse, jason lytle - 'everytime i'm with you'
73. the radio dept. - 'the video dept.'
74. the books - 'beautiful people'
75. the samps - 'yellow jacket'
76. foals - 'black gold'
77. hot hot heat - 'goddess on the praire'
78. kelley stoltz - 'pinecone'
79. grinderman - 'palaces of montezuma'
80. emeralds - 'double helix'

81. menomena - 'oh pretty boy, you're such a big boy'
82. ed harcourt - 'lachrymosity'
83. yann tiersen - 'ashes'
84. stereolab - 'equivalences'
85. j. cole - 'higher'
86. the budos band - 'nature's wrath'
87. portugal. the man - 'the pushers party'
88. gonjasufi - 'made'
89. paleo - 'world's smallest violin'
90. deerhunter - 'primitive 3d.'

91. laura veirs - 'life is good blues'
92. u.n.k.l.e. with the black angels - 'natural selection'
93. autechre - 'qplay'
94. wild nothing - 'your rabbit feet'
95. cults - 'most wanted'
96. r.j.d.2 with phonte - 'the shining path'
97. the junior league band - 'the best is yet to come'
98. driphouse - 'garden'
99. underworld - 'louisana'
100. final fantasy - 'the great elsewhere'


kanye west - 'runaway'
arcade fire - 'we used to wait'
das racist - 'who's that? brooown!'
wild nothing - 'chinatown'
el guincho - 'bombay'

the morning benders - 'excuses'
brad melhdau - 'don't be sad'
scissor sisters - 'any which way'
phantogram - 'running from the cops'
rufus wainwright - 'zebulon'

vampire weekend - 'cousins'
regina carter - 'n'teri (my friends)' (habib koité)
ok go - 'this too shall pass'
janelle monáe - k.c.r.w. live session
here we go magic - 'casual'

duck sauce - 'barbra streisand'
foals - 'miami'
crystal castles - "and those who were seen dancing were thought insane by those who could not hear the music"
yann tiersen - 'dark stuff'
sharon jones & the dap-kings - 'game gets old: the trilogy'

the radio dept. - 'never follow suit'
the books - 'i didn't know that'
deerhunter - 'heliocopter'/'he would have laughed'
big boi with gucci mane - 'shine blockas'
pogo - 'wishery'

kid cudi - 'cudderisback'
bob dylan - 'guess i'm doing fine'

ted leo and the pharmacists - 'bottled in cork'
animal collective - 'guys eyes'
weezer - 'memories'

broadcast - 'man is not a bird'

goodbye trish.