01 September 2011


4 mixes to economize and intensify your music-listening experiences...

"When The Drink Goes In, The Devil Comes Out": the Best of St. Vincent - & in YouTube form.

"Racism Is Made of Wildflowers": favorites off Das Racist's 'Relax'.

"Honey, I Won't Spoil The Ending": favorites off Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!'s 'Hysterical'.

"C25 Since 1986": favorites off the San Antonio Current's 25th Anniversary Compilation - & track-list:

Nicolette Good covering Cowboy Junkies - "Take Me" {Whites Off Earth Now (1986)}
Mission Complete! covering the Bangles - "Walk Like An Egyptian" {Different Light (1986)}
The Offbeats covering REM - "Begin The Begin" {Lifes Rich Pageant (1986)}
Solaroid covering INXS - "What You Need" {Listen Like Thieves (1985)}
FILMSTRIPS covering David Bowie - "Magic Dance" {Labyrinth: Original Soundtrack (1986)}
Southbound Cinema covering George Strait - "Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her" {#7 (1986)}
Carly Garza covering The Pretenders - "Don't Get Me Wrong" {Get Close (1986)}.

...keep your ears to the seashells, manatees.

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