01 April 2012


(in no particular order)

1. Daniel Rossen

Side A: "Saint Nothing"
Side B: "Reprise (Up On High)"

2. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles

Side A: "More Levels"
Side B: "OwNiT"

3. The Shins

Side A: "Bait And Switch"
Side B: "For A Fool"

4. Andrew Bird

Side A: "Lazy Projector"
Side B: "Lusitania"

5. Tennis

Side A: "My Better Self"
Side B: "High Road"

6. White Rabbits

Side A: "Danny Come Inside"
Side B: "Are You Free"

7. Mouse On Mars

Side A: "Wienuss"
Side B: "Saeqz"

8. Islands

Side A: "Hallways"
Side B: "Lonely Love"

9. Grimes

Side A: "Oblivion"
Side B: "Know The Way"

10. Gift of Gab

Side A: "Market & 8th"
Side B: "Effed Up"

11. Lambchop

Side A: "Mr. Met"
Side B: "Gar"

12. Sharon Van Etten

Side A: "All I Can"
Side B: "Ask"


plus, LOST & FOUND...

a highly sought after (and never unearthed until now) incomplete demo of a collaboration between New Order & ABBA, tentatively titled:

"Infatuation (With Your Gyration)" (Jan. 1982).

"It was the end of sorrow lies. The rail stations were dead, flowing like bees stung from honeysuckle. The people hung back and watched the ocean, animals flew in and out of focus. The time had come. Yet king dogs never grow old – they stay young and fit, and someday they might come to the beach and have a few drinks, a few laughs, and get on with it. But not now. The time had come; we all knew it. But who would go first?"


Anonymous said...

I usually hate commenting, but i thought i would give it a go for this blog. Been reading your stuff for awhile.

pop-analysis said...
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pop-analysis said...

thank you. ...though technically it's *our* stuff. all our stuff, in fact.