01 September 2012


Glen Pine (see above) has our vote for coolest motherfucker walking. listen to our 2nd attempt at a 'Best Of The Slackers'-mix here: Pabst On Tap. playlist below; comments and criticism welcome.

"Tin Tin Deo" {Redlight (1997)}
"Sermon" {Wasted Days (2001)}
"International War Criminal" {Peculiar (2006)}
"Old Days" {Wasted Days (2001)}
"And I Wonder?" {The Question (1998)}
"Make Me Smile Dub" {An Afternoon In Dub (2005)}
"Sarah" {Better Late Than Never (1996)}
"Body Double" {The Boss Harmony Sessions (2007)}
"86 The Mayo" {Peculiar (2006)}
"Watch This" {Redlight (1997)}
"Cooking With Tommy" {Redlight (1997)}
"I Shall Be Released" {Peculiar (2006)}
"Married Girl" {Slack In Japan (2006)}
"Please Decide" {Wasted Days (2001)}
"Work Song" {Better Late Than Never (1996)}
"I Still Love You" {Redlight (1997)}
"The Nurse" {Wasted Days (2001)}
"Don't Forget The Streets" {Self-Medication (2008)}
"Close My Eyes" {Close My Eyes (2003)}
"Rude And Reckless" {Redlight (1997)}

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