23 March 2009


another found art-object for all good manatees to adore: http://tiny.cc/70jmz

and track-list: madlib - rebirth cycle (super soul)
johnson & jonson - the only way
dj shadow - shakiyla [poor righteous teachers]
scarface - high note
madlib - anthenagin'(?)
corey christiansen, jimmy bruno, vic juris - all blues [miles davis]
the heartless bastards - the mountain
shakey jake harris - three times seven
japanese motos - interlude
little joy - with strangers
hope sandoval - bavarian fruit bread
vetiver - down from above
foreign exchange with muhsinah - daykeeper
paleo - in the morning linda dies
yo la tengo - madeline
moodyman - misled
metric - gimme sympathy (acoustic version)
fol chen - you and your sister in jericho
aether - variance
charles bukowski - when all the animals lay down
warne marsh - joy spring

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