05 March 2009


many of our dear comrades-in-arms will play a city-wide music festival on land in austin, texas soon. with a preference for daytime free shows (and free alcohol), here's our tentative schedule...

first, the word is, if you stand in line 10am monday at waterloo records, you can get free tickets to hear the decemberists play the i.f.c. party 10pm tuesday at pangea.

wednesday the 18th, the only daytime act we truly want to see (so far) is the evangelicals, 2:20pm at the red eyed fly. it's free, with free bloody marys and free beer. doors open by at least 12:30. in the evening, if we can get tickets (and afford them), m.ward, the department of eagles, and st. vincent play central presbyterian church.

if we can't, it's okay, because on thursday, the department of eagles open at waterloo records. starts at 2pm, but we'll probably get there much earlier to war for position. a couple acts later, howard gelb (of giant sand) plays. that's all free, as is the cold war kids and m. ward playing auditorium shores on lady bird lake starting at 6.

now, the only official listing we can find for one andrew bird esquire is stubb's at 11pm, but we imagine that will be pricey and packed as fuck. that's rubbish. he has to be playing some parties somewhere and they just don't want them to blow up too quickly. so we'll keep our lobeless ears to the ground.

on friday, vetiver, followed by the heartless bastards, 2pm at waterloo records. gotta see that, and if we somehow miss m.ward the entire week, he's playing the noon-to-5 village voice media show at la zona rosa - probably closing. for monies, we could hear beach house, peter bjorn and john, and grizzly bear at cedar street courtyard; we shall see.

saturday, we have to see the blue scholars and common market close a noon-to-6 free-event at the palm door, but if we miss them there, we'll have to catch them at the do512 compound; they go on there at 9p.m. (looks like doors around 2pm; free entrance, free lone star). at auditorium shores, beach house and explosions in the sky play for free at 6pm. and there's always waterloo park, where we could sun-burn our tender hide again waiting on vetiver, akron/family, king khan, and the black lips, starting at high noon. last year they had stand-up comics as well.

if you can't attend, we're sorry, and offer you this free music as recompense...


update: some possible last minute changes: since we've seen vetiver and the heartless bastards before, we may cut over to the flamingo cantina to hear loney dear at around 2pm and jason lytle (of grandaddy fame) at around 4. this will largely depend on how good waterloo records was as a venue on the previous day (thursday).


there's a new development in andrew bird-watch: k.e.x.p. says he's playing their gig at 1:30pm friday, waay down on south congress at some television station, to be immediately followed by peter bjorn and john...

we'd have to get there around 10 or before to feel at all comfortable about getting a good spot in line - a big roll of the dice, possibly sacrificing other safer bets for naught.

andy cabic/erika wennerstrom, emil svanängen/jason lytle, andrew bird/pb&j ...decisions, decisions.

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