01 May 2011


all music is local, we know, but here's a two-part mixtape featuring our favorite musicians from our neck of south texas. you'll hear musics as diverse as we are: indie rock, hiphop, electronica, punk, experimental, and more. (sorry, no tejano or metal included.) please link this to anybody who says 'the music in san antonio sucks'. also remember that one person who goes to shows around here is as crucial to the scene as one hundred people who go to shows in new york, chicago, or los angeles. y'all make a difference just by getting out of the house, paying the covers, buying some adult beverages, a c.d., a t-shirt; and if we all chip in, it's our expert opinion that we could seriously be as big as baltimore in no time. =P

SIDE A: Beautiful Clumsy Sky In Love

1. dj rasta mike - sit back and listen {sit back and listen (2010)}
2. morris orchids - ink {morris orchids (2009)}
3. aether - makeshift sanctuary {artifacts (2008)}
4. megafauna - m.s.g. {local melons (2009)}
5. cartographers - grandfather clock {cartographers (2009)}
6. marcus rubio and the gospel choir of pillows - (do) the military syndrome! {oceanic tremors (2009)}
7. aether - dajame dormir {artifacts (2008)}
8. the vultures - masterpiece {desert eagles vol.1 (2010)}
9. christopher conde - radio rape {the seven squirrels e.p. (2010)}
10. greg g. with d-cypher - let the sonshine {the golden child mixtape (2010)}
11. ernest gonzales - we can live in the forest {been meaning to tell you (2010)}
12. girl in a coma - clumsy sky {both before i'm gone (2007)}
13. big soy - beautiful {star by your name e.p. (2008)}
14. buttercup - in love {living again e.p. (2007)}
15. ill prospekt - bite yo teeth out {soundcloud.com/illprospekt (2010)}

SIDE B: Why Saturn's Rings?

16. given a chance - broken dream {way too long (2011)}
17. his astroturban - the words we choose {auralfunk (2008)}
18. mojoe - true jewels {classic.ghetto.soul (2006)}
19. the tontons - kaleidoscope {the tontons (2009)}
20. merykid with jimmy dasher - going, going {the raccoon (2010)}
21. we leave at midnight - law of club and fang {record an e.p. (2010)}
22. one hundred flowers - make marx {mechanical bride (2010)}
23. deer vibes - the feeling {ventura e.p. (2010)}
24. marcus rubio - emergence of the first zombie {the life of pillows (2007)}
25. kelly merka nelson - the lion turned wolf {kellymerkanelson.bandcamp.com (2010)}
26. morgan sorne - coyote {house of stone (2010)}
27. honey son - spotted {soundcloud.com/sweethoneyson (2011)}
28. education - daydream {age cage (2011)}
29. the vultures - supreme thought {7 rings of saturn (2008)}
30. daedelus remixing ernest gonzales - while on saturn's rings {while on saturn's rings (2007)}

our apologies to all the good acts we didn't get a chance to play - specifically, yes, inferno, bad breaks, the hawks (of the holy rosary), friends like us, henry + the invisibles, nicolette good, and blowing trees. in closing, here's a taste of the latter's brand spanking new album by way of a series of vignettes recorded when they performed their record in its entirety at jack's on the 6th day of may.

'Wolf Waltz And The Big Nothing Now' filmed by Miranda Studios SA.


RedBeerd said...

Who are the couple in the pic?

pop-analysis said...

cecil beaton escorting lady lindsey hogg to a wedding in 1936. famous photo from life magazine.