01 March 2011


the dark manatees will again make landfall at austin, texas, and here's our official unofficial s.x.s.w. itinerary. click on band names for event details, click on photos for playlists, and see below for your monthly mix of music.

tuesday, if we get up there sufficiently early, mount kimbie will perform pitchfork's showcase at emo's inside 'round midnight.

if we miss mount kimbie tuesday, he'll be opening on wednesday as well, a little after noon, followed by twin shadow (1:15PM) and royal bangs (4:15PM), for the austinist party at mohawk outdoors. from there, it's only a ten minute walk to the french legation museum, where vetiver will perform at 5PM. they've advertised free beer and tacos, but we suspect that's for the early birds. the dodos also play the red eyed fly just down red river around 5PM, as a plan b with free booze.

on st. patty's day, we have a decision. whether to see the dodos (12:45PM), sondre lerche (2:25PM), the dears (4:05PM), and atlas sound (5PM) at the flamingo cantina OR the joy formidable (4:15PM) and the antlers (5PM) at the parish. although the first one is stacked, n.p.r.'s festivities have always been good to us, the parish is our favorite music venue (period), AND the antlers will be performing their new album in its entirety(!). in the evening, there's no decision required: twin shadow performs auditorium shores at 7PM, followed by the strokes. the absolute utopian dream would then be to hear wu-tang clan close down austin music hall, but if .01% of that strokes crowd gets the same idea, we'll be at the back of a very long queue.

friday is likely to be a bit more laid back and open. we'd like to see phantogram play cedar street courtyard at 4PM, and if we get there early (11AM-ish), filter magazine promises free barbecue. hanging out with michael thomas of music for listeners sounds like an excellent way to spend the day after that, as well as scarf down a slice or five at red house pizzeria. then das racist will do the glitter taco smoosh party at peckerheads around 7PM, and e.p.m.d. will spit at venue 222 around 12:30AM.

on saturday, asobi seksu (2PM), tapes 'n tapes (4PM) and okkervil river (5PM) play the lustre pearl. plus, if we can make it, the black angels play jo's down south congress at 8PM. next, !!! will play the mess with texas party (not positive on the exact time yet). and, lastly, to finish off the week, megafauna at the hole in the wall 'round midnight.

all shows above are listed as free (though some with r.s.v.p. only). in some cases, you will have to get there hours beforehand to catch the act you want to see, and it's always best to be on the safe side. if you need help putting your own itinerary together, here are two resources - the more selective: http://www.thewildhoneypie.com/sxsw-free-party-rsvp-list - or comprehensive: http://showlistaustin.com.

cheers to things going swimmingly for manatees everywhere. and, as per usual: http://tiny.cc/m0udb (to download for later listening, just click the 'divshare'-icon on the far right of the taskbar; all tracks from this year or last, with two noticeable exceptions - plus a hidden song for Sir William Beardmore).

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